Meet Laura Castro de Cortés

Born in the United States, but raised in a Mexican border town, Laura Castro de Cortés has a unique
perspective on the financial needs of Latinos and how to successfully market to them.  She created
Latino Banking Solutions to help banks better serve the needs of the Latino population.  Her clientele
has included Wells Fargo Bank, Allied Insurance Group, Principal Financial Group, and Meredith
Financial Group, among others.

Prior to Latino Banking Solutions, Laura was vice president and director of Latino Banking for
Commercial Federal Bank, a $10.3 billion federal savings bank with branch operations in Nebraska,
Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arizona.  Under her direction, Commercial Federal
embarked on a holistic approach to the Latino market, developing new products, hiring bilingual
employees, and launching a comprehensive marketing campaign.  The result was a substantial
increase in Latino clientele in all markets, especially in Denver, where market share doubled in just
one year.
Denver Business Journal
“Bank Raises Profile with Hispanics”  
Banks seek to serve new Latino immigrants
Retooled products don't require traditional documentation

updated 1:40 p.m. CT, Thurs. March. 16, 2006
Iowa Bankers Association
"Doing business with Latino Customers, Doing Right!"
By Laura Castro de Cortes
"Doing Business with Latino Customers, Doing it Right"
Laura Castro de Cortés
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TIME Magazine Thursday, Nov. 10, 2005
"Minority Women Who Make a Difference in the Workplace"
Nine who take on stereotypes to better the corporate world
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About Laura Castro de Cortes
About Laura Castro
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