These Financial Education Brochures can be order by calling Latino Banking
Solutions or through the Iowa Bankers Association calling Ben Hildebrandt,
Vice President Marketing, Member Services & Public Affairs-  
at (515) 286-4212  or visit
Mortgage Loans
How to begin!
Auto Loan
How to begin!
Sending money to a
foreign country  
Acquiring a home can be a
complicated process, this
brochures explains how to
start. The question and
answer format makes it an
easy read. It gives
important information on
programs for first time
home buyers, explains
types of interest rates,
credit history and down
Financial education
brochures provide the
Latino consumer with a
question and answer
format that covers the
most relevant information
about auto loans.
They answer questions
about: getting the best
price on an auto,
predatory lending, credit
history, how to improve
your credit history and
paying on time.
More banks are offering
ways for Latinos to send
money back home. This
brochure explains the best
way to compare services
and cost. Using a bank for
these kinds of services,
can offer security, speed
and convenience not
found at local Latino
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