A Holistic Approach to the Latino Market

Latino Banking Solutions teams up with banks to bring Latino immigrants into the financial
mainstream with the right mix of innovative products, infrastructure, financial education,
marketing, advertising, and outreach programs.

Services We Provide

New Product Solutions that will attract new Latino customers. Having services that are
needed by Latinos will create an opportunity for your potential Latino client to establish a
relationship with your bank.

Strategies for positioning your banks branding in Latino Markets. Latino Banking Solutions
can create a plan tailored to your budget and needs.

HR Solutions that will finding bilingual candidates. Latino Banking Solutions can help you
fin the right bilingual staffing needed to grow your deposits for your bank.  

Translations and design of materials that are culturally sensitive, accurate and creative

Marketing solutions that make sense to your Latino community and are with in your banks

Sales Clinics designed for tellers and bankers to promote and grow bank sales with Latinos

Presentations to top bank administration about the Latino Market and its opportunities.
Access our presentations via webinar, just contact us and learn from the comfort
of your desk no travel needed.  

  • "Marketing to Latino Markets"                               
  • "Elements to a comprehensive program"
  • "How do you get the advantage"


Custom-designs brochures that are culturally sensitive to the Latino Market. Create an
impact with brochures that are relevant in content and design to Latino audience.

Financial Education Brochures in Spanish on topics such as: Mortgage loans, Car loans
and how to send money to home country. Banks can offer these brochures to their Spanish-
speaking clients. Your bank's logo can be added to brochure.
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